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♡ Shine from within

(Glass ceiling print by Sarah Sweeney @ Etsy)


People are like stained-glass windows.

They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, 

but when the darkness sets in 

their true beauty is revealed 

only when there is a light from within.  

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Swiss psychologist

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♡ Scarf envy

Scarf by Vital Temptation @ Etsy

I love wearing scarves throughout the year, any season. Not the small, square, “preppy” scarves that are tied around the neck in a dainty way. Uh no. I’m not heading to a polo match. I like the long, pashmina-like scarves that you can wrap around your neck multiple times like a big hug. 

I love them for keeping warm on the airplane without creating tons of bulk in the carry-on, and for accessorizing an outfit in a pinch. In the summer, out comes the long, lightweight, sheer cotton (or chiffon or silk) scarves to keep away the cool evening air.  And all the colours they come in?  Love, love, love!  Jewel-tones — purples, reds, pinks, yellows, orange, blues.  Deep, rich colours like chocolate, ebony, and midnight.  Pastel florals — pinks, lavenders, creams, lemons, and sky blue. 

Yes, I’m all for scarves, all year long. Here are some gorgeous, fantabulous, modern scarves from the incredibly talented artists on Etsy: 


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(Original ink drawing by Virginia Kraljevic @ Etsy)

There are times in our lives when all the signs seem to be pointing us in a particular direction…Maybe the message we are getting from the universe doesn’t even make sense in the “real”world, but somewhere inside, these urges feel right.  Maybe you feel you are being told to move to a new city although your life where you are is just fine.  Or maybe you feel the desire to pursue a new direction in your career when it never really interested you before.  

When we spend time getting in touch with our higher selves, our intuition sends us directives to lead us to become our best and most fulfilled selves.  And when we are open and listening, the next step is to take action and go for it. 

Once we make the decision to pursue our inner urgings, the universe sets into motion the means for all sorts of details to fall into place.  A sense of peace will come over us, because we know that any questions will no longer make us wonder if our dreams are possible, but how to make them happen….

Wherever your dreams are pointing you today, take a step. Take action and manifest your inner urges and soul whisperings.

(Read entire article Making It Happen: Go for It @ DailyOm

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(My Red Balloon by Trafalgar’s Square @ Etsy)

The most destructive habit – WORRY

The greatest joy – GIVING

The greatest loss –LOSS OF SELF-RESPECT

The most satisfying work – HELPING OTHERS

The greatest “shot in the arm” –ENCOURAGEMENT

The greatest problem to overcome –FEAR

The most effective sleeping pill –PEACE OF MIND

The most crippling failure disease – EXCUSES

The most powerful force in life – LOVE

The worst thing to be without – HOPE

The deadliest weapon – THE TONGUE

The two most power-filled words – “I CAN”

The greatest asset – FAITH

The most worthless emotion –SELF-PITY

The most prized possession – INTEGRITY

The most powerful channel of communication – PRAYER

The most contagious spirit – ENTHUSIASM

– unknown

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♫ Spring cleaning jams

Magnet by Picard Creative @ Etsy


It’s officially spring!  I spent this past Sunday doing my spring cleaning.  I opened all the windows to push the gloomy winter air out, and the fresh spring air of renewal in.  I’ve wiped, vacuumed, laundered, scrubbed, mopped, polished, swept.  I’ve tidied the shelves, tables, counters, racks.  I’ve switched out my winter clothes (I’ve kept some cardies, since there still is a bite of cold to the evenings) with spring clothes.  I’ve made a piles of clothes to both consign and donate.  I’ve placed a sunny vase of bright yellow daffodils in the main area, and heated some orange essential oil to waft in the refreshing scent of citrus. 

So I’m one of those people who needs music to clean house.  Uplifting grooves that make you just want to move.  Call it my inspiration.  Makes cleaning that much easier, let me tell ya.  Scrubbing, wiping, sweeping to the beats.  Yup.  Try it.  Here’s a compilation of some of the music I listen to while cleaning house:


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(Make a Wish by Bright Designs @ Etsy)


If the only prayer you ever said in your life was thank you that would suffice.

– Meister Eckhart, 14th century German philosopher  

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(photo credit @ Second Denim


I attend Hatha and yin yoga classes, and I’m not too interested in any other forms of yoga, but that’s just me.  These “gentler” schools of yoga are better for me since I’ve been rear-ended twice in car accidents (both, incidentally, the other drivers’ fault), and as such my back and neck are not as sturdy as they used to be.  For a long time I wasn’t into the whole yoga vibe — thinking it was full of yummy-mommies, glamazons toting their Lululemons, and new age hippies.  Sorry!  My bad.


I only recently took up yoga after a visit with my naturopath physician (NP), who suggested it may help with my lethargy issue.  I gave her “a face.”  You know, the one where I scrunch up my face, my nose crinkles, furrow my brow, and my mouth grimaces — yeah, the one where it looks like I’m smelling some pungent ol’ cheese over this way.  Don’t scoff, she seemed to say with her words of encouragement.  

She explained how we’re upright all day (whether standing or sitting) so all our blood remains neutral, just doing its everyday wonderful things.  With yoga, our bodies stretch out our limbs; bends, contorts, and holds poses that allow our blood to course throughout the various parts of our bodies, thus nourishing every inch!   How fantabulous does that sound?  I’m sure there’s more scientific, holistic reasons why this is possible, and why yoga is a wonderful way to nourish your body, but I’m no expert here.  I’m just saying. 

So I tried it out, upon her counsel, and surprised myself…because I loved it!   I especially enjoy Shavasana (“corpse pose”) — 10-15 minutes of meditation and lying down, sprawled under a toasty fleece blanket.  Ahhhh.  Niiice. 

I’m not a strict adherent in the least.  I’m not hardcore.  Nor do I apparel myself head-to-toe with Lululemon.  My bum is not tight.  Am not a contortionist.  Simply, I enjoy the relaxing, nourishing time I practice yoga, whilst listening to my body’s intentions (as my instructors instruct me to do).  Good advice. 


Trust, this yoga-ness does relate.   What do I mean?   First let’s focus on jeans.  Now, jeans are not generally associated with perfect comfort.  Upon its first wear, they tend to impede the large movements of the body and restrain any stretching.  It takes a while to break in a new pair of jeans, but in the end….so worth it!  But that waiting…

Personally, I’m always looking for a great pair of jeans, so when my friend K (a dance instructor no less) raved about her yoga jeans, I was all over it.  K, after all, has to live in comfortable clothes daily for her basic living — dance!   I eagerly found myself trying on pairs of the Montreal-based (go Canada!) Second Yoga Jeans and delighted in the instant comfort of the jeans. Inside the change room, I was making ridiculous poses, bouncing up and down, squating, and so forth, to feel out the jeans, to see how yoga-esque they were.  Damn, they are true to their words.  Swoooooon.  


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