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☺ Daily Smile | Natalie Dee Comics

(credit) Natalie Dee Comics


Natalie Dee Comics make my day, especially on those days when I really, really need a giggle.  My absolute favorite comic of Natalie‘s thus far is actually the peanut one that I introduced before (here).  Oh. My. Hilarious!  

A little bit naughty is always funnier than you expect because you wonder, oops, should I have laughed?  Who cares!  Laugh already!  Enjoy! 

[*Check out some of my favorite Natalie Dee comics under the cut*]



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(credit) Conceived & Composed | Ben Lau Photography :


Ben Lau is a new dad to baby Aiden, and his blog “Future DILF-In-Training” is full of chuckle and glee.  The “Future” is striked out, of course, because baby Aiden has been born, so I guess this means Ben’s on full hilt in his pursuit of being a DILF. What a goal! Good grief. I’m stifling a smile as I write that, by the way.

Okay, yeah, I’m a little bias, because Ben has helped me out on my many excursions to the DC-area. He may be in the NJ-NY area now, but he’s a Maryland-boy. But WAIT, this is not nepotism I swear!  His blog will make you smile.  It makes me wish I was having a kid right now — all that poopy-diaper and 1:00am baby wailing seems almost….desirable. Ben’s got some writing chops if he can achieve that, people. 


Plus, I’m a fan of his photography series, “Conceived and Composed,” which showcases the hilarious trials and tribulations of two action-figures.  A-wha-what-the?  Oh, just click on the photography series and it’ll make sense already!

I know one of them is Boba Fett the bounty hunter from Star Wars, but the other…?  I really need to hone up on my Star Wars 101.  I wonder if the other one is even a Star Wars character?  Oh, when Yoda made an appearance in the series then all is sweeter.  Love Yoda, I do.  Okay, I shall now stop writing what I’m randomly thinking. Enjoy!

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(credit) The Weight of Water | Sixth & Main Photography @ Etsy:


A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

– George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright (1856-1950)

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♡ Yoga for the masses?

(credit) yoga lotus pose watercolor | joojoo @ etsy


Okay, I’m going to put it out there.  I may get in some hot water.  It’s just an observation and mine alone.  And this is it:  my yoga studio is one of the least diverse spaces I have ever encountered in my multicultural city.  

I find this utterly ironic.  (Note to self: I hope I haven’t misused the word “ironic” like Alanis did!).  You know, because yoga is a discipline with origins in India and associated with the meditative practices of Buddhism and Hinduism, among other schools of thought. 


Maybe it’s nothing.  But I live in a city that is more than 50% non-Caucasian.  Specifically I live in a city where the Asian population makes up a smidge more than 50% of its demographic profile.  

“Asian” is defined here as mostly Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese (like me!), and Indian (although this ethnic group is considered “South Asian”).  Despite these realities, the clientele at my yoga studio looks more Smith than Wong. 


My yoga studio happens to lie in a neighbourhood that appeals to both the modern urban professional, and the youthful outdoorsy type.  It’s known for its community feel, and its mixed bag of neighborhood bars, university students, affluent families, yacht clubs, beaches, singles, young couples, young parents (yummy mommies), hippie roots, natural foods, wellness clinics, fancy pants restaurants, rental housing, beach-front homes, modern condos, and tree-lined million-dollar heritage homes.  

Is this neighbourhood ethnically-diverse?  In certain pockets, yes.  So I’m curious as to why yoga doesn’t seem to appeal to all its residents. Of course I realize there is to consider an individual’s personal choices, interests, priorities, and the like.

After all, yoga may not be everyone’s thing.  Especially not in our go-go-go-world, where instant-gratification is golden, and our brains are filled with too much random distracting information. Meditation and yoga isn’t exactly “instant.” The quieting of the mind bit? Yeah, yoga takes practice and patience to exact its rewards.

[I’m a Hatha and Yin kinda gal. So for those Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, Moksha, Bikram, etc. folks, you might argue the rewards are in a way “instant”…]


Perhaps the explanation is simple. Maybe I’m too sensitive. *shrug*  It doesn’t bother me per se.  It’s actually quite lovely that yoga can be accessible to many people, regardless of their background, their demons and joys, or their spiritual space. 

In any case, it’s merely something I noticed on occasion as I was settling down onto my yoga mat.  But now that I’ve honoured this thought “out loud,” so to speak, I shall now let it go and release it into the ether, to nary bother me again. 


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I still absolutely love Q-Tip‘s song “Vivrant Thing after all these years.  It’s a great addition to any playlist, especially a workout one (like when I run).  Its line, “Special girl, real good girl, biggest thing in this itty bitty world“…for some reason I love it! It’s happy music, you can’t help but move some part of your body, come on now.


My cooldown playlist also includes some Q-Tip winners. My faves include his duet with D’Angelo (*swoon*) on “Believe,” and then his duet with Norah Jones on “Life Is Better” (listen above).  Oh, especially “Life Is Better” — it has a nice groove and it’s kinda sweet too. Aww. 

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(credit) be bold | get | Pea Press @ etsy :


Food brings benefit for some hours,

clothes for some months

but wisdom lasts as long as the mind itself.  

It is the foundation of a better society.

– anonymous Tibetan source

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(credit) Original drawing by E.H Shephard from Sotheby Auction @ art daily:


Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind.  ‘Pooh?’  he whispered.

               ‘Yes, Piglet?’

Nothing,’ said Piglet, taking Pooh’s hand.  ‘I just wanted to be sure of you.’

— A.A. Milne in Winnie-the-Pooh


I love A.A. Milne’s original books about Winnie-the-Pooh (who incidentally was inspired by a bear at the London zoo that was named after the Canadian city of Winnipeg). My favorite of the series is The House on Pooh Corner — so delightful.

I remember finding myself chuckling and smiling at Pooh’s adventures with his friends (…Eeyore’s house…Piglet and the Pooh sticks…Piglet squished under Pooh…Heffalump….). It’s worth reading it for a semblance of something that is good and decent — and hey, it’s not just for kids. 

Disney’s version is alright, but it can’t beat the original’s charm. And quite frankly, I’m not a big fan of the voices that Disney chose for its characters. Aiya, Piglet sounds like an old man. *Shake head*


I also prefer the original Pooh drawings by E.H Shepard, even if Christopher Robin looks like a little page girl. I’m charmed by his sketches of Pooh and friends, much more than the bright orange tubby Disney version. That’s just my preference.

Take a look at some of Shepard’s original drawings of Pooh and friends compiled by BibliOdyssey HERE. Sweetness galore! Enjoy! 

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