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Okay, I am in full-mode study time. Ugh. I had forgotten what it was like to be a student again. I’m back at school part-time, and working full-time, and the sucking of my time to studying is horrendous. I know I should be all zen. I am absolutely grateful for having the means to attend post-graduate schooling…but the inner-whineball still likes to come out. *shrug*

I’m currently studying to upgrade my professional credentials, so that (shamelessly) I can receive a salary pay raise.

So…while I work hard on my assignments and projects, I’ve come to fuel my studies with potato chips. Yes. Hey, they are vegetarian. I am quite particular with my potato chips, though. [Aside: I love, love, love that the British called them “crisps” — and I would, but that makes me a bit of an a**hole to affect a British air about me.]

I am partial to crispy, bubbly potato-chips. Not flavoured. Oh no. They must be salted, or salt & pepper. I will not masticate on flavoured chips. And, further, I like my potato chips sliced, without waves or ripples. And I do not agree with baked chips! If I’m going to ingest some crispy bits of goodness, I’m going all out, people!

I have favourites, oh yes. They are:  Kettle Brand Organic Sea Salt; Kettle Brand Organic Sea Salt & Pepper; and Miss Vickie’s Original Recipe Chips; and Tyrrell’s English Chips’ Lightly Sea Salted Hard-Cooked Crisps. MMmm, salty, crispy goodness!

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(credit) I heart british columbia | Truche Handmade Accessories


I was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia (B.C.), Canada. I left, and returned, left and returned. But even if I didn’t, I would still sport this pretty necklace shaped like my home province to remind me of home. I bonus heart this necklace since the heart is placed where Vancouver is located! 

I was looking for one after seeing a fashion-blogger wearing a similar necklace shaped in her homestate of California. If you’re from Cali, you can find a CA necklace at the same place I found my BC one. Truche Handmade Accessories makes a variety of American state, Canadian province, world country, or continent necklaces, all with a cute heart punched into them. You can find the pendants made out of silver (like the one above) or bamboo. Oh, I like this Canada one!

PS: I’m sorry for all those folks from Vancouver Island — seems to be missing!

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I don’t watch too much TV. Even when the TV is on, but I’m not necessarily watching it. I watch TV shows or the news, but I don’t watch reality TV. Oh, unless you count the food ones. I don’t necessarily know when my favourite TV shows on are, I usually have to watch it online on the networks, or download. Damn, I wish we had Hulu in Canada!


It’s a mixed bag, seriously. Here’s what I watch…when I remember (in alphabetical order):

Burn Notice | Downtown Abbey (only Season 1) | Game of Thrones | Glee | Happy Endings | How I Met Your Mother | Law & Order: SVU | New Girl | Scandal | Shameless | Sherlock (BBC)

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♫ Canyons | apples & pears

(credit) bartlett pear & golden apple | Little Big Head (Andrea Gutierrez)


My Aussie friend turned me onto this group, Canyons (not to be mistaken for The Canyons), and I’m so happy she did. Such fun music to run to, my favourite of the lot is “Apples & Pears” (listen HERE). Enjoy!

CANYONS’ Apples & Pears HERE

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Yay! The trailer for this new fall TV show is so cute and funny. I love Mindy Kaling! Okay, I have to say I don’t watch The Office, but I enjoyed Mindy Kaling’s book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?.

The trailer reminds me a little bit of Bridget Jones for some reason, no?

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(credit) so delicious


Yay! I’m so happy to eat yogurt again! I used to eat yogurt – goat’s milk, cow’s milk – until I decided to reduce my dairy intake (refresher HERE). I tried in vain to find a delicious, creamy, dairy-free yogurt.

I tried soy-yogurt. Oh dear, that was pure *blech*. Sorry, I’m sure there are many people who have acquired a taste for it, but I am not one of them. So, yes, I was forlorn, reminiscing about the creamy goodness of probiotic-filled yogurt, until I found dairy-free, soy-free So Delicious coconut-milk yogurt at my local Whole Foods. I bought a carton of it in vanilla, not expecting much after my soy-yogurt debacle.


Oh la, coconut milk yogurt was creamy, just like regular yogurt! More importantly it tasted yummy. Okay, maybe a tad too sweet for my liking, but I’ll take what I can. *Jumpy claps* I am so happy with my coconut milk yogurt.

I prefer the vanilla, not the flavoured ones. I would much rather buy the plain one, but my local Whole Foods only carries the vanilla, blueberry, and strawberry flavours.

Looks like the Americans are much luckier than us when it comes to the bevy of coconut-milk yogurt flavours, because in the US, So Delicious flavours include: Blueberry; Blueberry Greek; Chocolate (!); Chocolate Greek; Passionate Mango; Pina Colada; Plain; Plain Greek; Raspberry; Raspberry Greek; Strawberry; Strawberry Greek; Strawberry Banana; Vanilla; Vanilla Greek. Damn, so jealous! 


It doesn’t really taste like coconut, which some people might be relieved to discover if they don’t care for them. I love all things coconut — coconut water (refresher on my love for it HERE), and coconut-milk ice-“cream” (refresher of my love it this HERE), so I wouldn’t have minded all that much if the coconut-milk yogurt did taste like coconuts. Mmm, wouldn’t it be so good with cubes of pineapple and toasted coconut ribbons on top?


Along the same lines, Whole Foods also carries yet another non-dairy yogurt alternative in Amande’s cultured almond-milk yogurt. I like how they have the large containers and the small individual-sized containers as well. It’s vegan, gluten-free, soy free, GMO free, has 6 live active cultures, and is sweetened with fruit juices. It comes in the following flavours: blueberry, strawberry, coconut, cherry (I tried this one), peach, raspberry, vanilla, and plain.

Sounds great, right? Well, I’m sure some lovely folks out there will be all over almond-milk yogurt….sadly, I am not one of them. I just didn’t care for it, and it boiled down to the consistency. I prefer my yogurt all creamy goodness, but the texture of the almond-milk yogurt is much like the Asian dessert called annin-dofu (almond jelly). If that doesn’t bother you, then almond-milk yogurt will be a nice dairy-free yogurt alternative. 

Yes, yes, even thought I stirred my almond-milk yogurt to make it somewhat creamy, the taste also didn’t agree with either. I could taste the almond-milk, which I love (and use instead of milk, for my cereal and coffee), but in a yogurt that taste just didn’t work for me. However, the cherry flavour was awesome. And I did quite enjoy the fact it wasn’t too sweet like the coconut-milk yogurt.

Alright, I’ll probably give Amande another go…


I’m not so inclined…but if you have time on your hands and very keen on it, Lexie’s Kitchen has a recipes for DIY dairy-free coconut milk yogurt HERE, and dairy-free almond-milk yogurt HERE. Her recipes are easy to follow and look mighty tasty too!

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