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✈ Travel | Peru (see you when I return!)

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Bon voyage! I’m off on a jet-plane to Peru (via Houston stopover) to trek up to Machu Picchu. One of my “can’t wait” moments!

I won’t be, however, trekking on the Inca Trail. Alas, passes were sold out by the time I realized I wanted to go. So, I’ll be trekking the Lares Trek, an alternate route that’s at a higher altitude (gulp) but less crowded and shorter.

I haven’t really researched too much about what to expect…but I did a little. I’ve been chewing my friends’ ears off — those who have already adventured across Peru, and all over South America to boot.

I’m debating if I should blow a chunk of cash to invest in some merino wool items before I go — such as thermal underwear and long-sleeved shirts. Of course, I’ll be wearing wool socks with all that trekking…but those merino wool items are so crazy expensive, at least, reputable ones from places like Icebreaker. My friends say merino wool is awesome because it’s light, warm, and doesn’t exude leau de sweat. Not that I wouldn’t wash them eventually, but for the time I’ll be trekking without a shower, I’m thinking the hundreds spent will be worth its ability not to hold odour? Plus, it’s winter in Peru so the nights will be cooooold in my tent.

Other than that, I’m off  to Peru with an happy heart, big smile, and open mind. I hope to see you there!

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♡ What you do today

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♡ Pick yourself up

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☺ Daily Smile | Olympic *crush*

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Have you been following the 2012 London Olympics? Erm…I haven’t really…sorry. (I’m both Canadian and Japanese, so I apologize way too much!). 

For all the happy moments, there are many heartbreaking ones too, no? I can’t name them all, of course…but I have to say for right now the loss of the Canadian women’s soccer team to the American team for a spot in the gold medal berth was oh so sad. *sob*

On the happy side…I have to admit I have an official Olympic crush. Yes, yes, a swimmer. Yes, yes, an American swimmer. No, no, not Ryan Lochte (please, I like smart and intelligent! have you seen this? or read this? blech). Instead, Nathan Adrian. Hapa (half-Chinese) and Berkeley grad. See? Crush-worthy.

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✈ Travel | Peru awaits…

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I absolutely, devastatingly miss traveling (refresher HERE). *sigh* As I’ve gotten older, I’ve traveled less…and vacationed more. Yes, yes, to some people, perhaps even you, traveling and vacationing are the same thing.

Due to time constraints I find myself vacationing more. Work gets in the way. Life gets in the way. Responsibilities get in the way.

You see, for me, traveling was more of an adventure, where I’d pick a place to visit – a region – and bring my trusted guidebooks and pack some essentials and just go. Arrive. Savour. Walk and walk and walk. People watch. Meet people. Learn by word-of-mouth where to visit, where to see, what is worthy of a look. Maybe I won’t see the main attractions, maybe I will. It doesn’t matter. Maybe I’ll stay longer here and no longer go there. It doesn’t matter. It’s always so much better.

Then…there is vacationing where I rely on others, mostly packages or tours to help things along since I can no longer dilly-dally at my chosen destination. I have to get ‘er done. I can’t waste precious time vacillating on the mainstay items such as where to stay, and how to get from point A to point B. I do, however, only frequent tours that don’t have a definite set plan for activities – I like the ones where you are free to do what you please and the guide merely tells you where you’re staying and what time we’re leaving to get to the next place. But alas, it’s still not travelling like I used to do…

Yet I am so grateful for my new travel reality, because at the end of the day I’m still visiting another wonderful part of our world. Fresh eyes. Open heart. Big smile. Oh yes, and lots of vaccination shots too!

Next stop for me?

Peru. Macchu Picchu here I come!

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(credit) George Takei

Amen to this!

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