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♡ Weirdness

(credit) All I Need Is You

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♡ Be scared

(credit) blooming like a red rose

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(credit) i can read tumblr


I realized the other day that I don’t really listen to music with lyrics. I do like pop music, but I don’t actively listen to it unless I’m running and it’s on my playlist (and at that, it’s mostly R&B neo-soul).

And seriously, I’m not a big listener of bands. Canadians do like bands. I don’t aim to please in that category. I actually turn green when forced to listen to bands. This makes me unhip, perhaps. Or not a real aficionado of music. Never said I was, never say I am. I just like what I like when I feel like it.


At home and in my car I either listen to CBC Radio 1 talk radio (Canada love, y’all), or ambient-electronica/trip-hop jazz/ downtempo, whatever it’s called…sigh, I’m not sure. You’ve probably heard it some on those chill-out Buddha Lounge compilations. But yeah, I hear you, one can argue this sounds like a jumble of noise, a racket, a cacophony of chaos. *shrug* You should listen to the good stuff. But I get it…it’s like me and not getting bands. To each their own.

So my car and my home echoes out favourites like Thievery Corporation, Shanghai Restoration Project, Zero 7, Morcheeba, Groove Armada, Tricky, Late Night Alumni, Canyons, Junior Boys, Boards of Canada (who, disappointingly, are not from Canada), The Weeknd (not a typo)…oh so many more. But my favourite favourites? Ohhhhh, that’ll be DJ Krush and RJD2.


Oh DJ Krush. He used to do these hip hop mad bits. Now I like his mellow peace warrior ambient-ness. The guy is now 50. Rad. His monthly singles are so.very.awesome. Love Aoi Ame-Green Rain (listen HERE). My favourite is Dig this Vibe (listen HERE). Japanese men should thank him. Seriously. Hot.

And, hello, this is some sexy-time music. Ha, I have been teased about the sensuality of it all. The slow languid rhythms can always enhance femininity. Doucement


Oh yes, even if you don’t think you’ve heard of RJD2, you’ve probably inadvertently heard a snippet of his A Beautiful Mine, which is used as the theme song for Mad Men. Listen to the whole song since it is lovelier than just the strings (HERE). 

I have two RJD2 favourites, both of which are decidedly not A Beautiful Mine (I do like this just fine, though). One is 1976 (listen HERE…’70s baby, yes) and the other is The Horror (listen HERE).

Ear candy for me.

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♡ good luck

(credit) vintage queen @ pinterest

2013 – LET’S DO THIS! 

Good luck! Good luck to me too. I need lots of good luck. Well, who doesn’t? I am already quite lucky, so I suppose I shouldn’t ask for more good luck….but then again, why not? There’s enough good luck to go around after all.

Already I’m enrolled in two online university courses to finish up my grad studies, while working full-time…and I feel like bonking my head against the wall already. While also being present and grateful for this lovely, wonderful lucky life of mine (which, of course, is speeding up….damn…gotta wind down, lest I forget to appreciate it all). Stop. Breathe. I CAN do this. Breathe. Luck’s on my side. *wink*

Good luck to you. Lots of love to you. Always. Let’s enjoy 2013 together.

So whaddya say?

Let’s DO this!

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(credit) Walk Off The Earth

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Was this Taylor Swift song written about her time with John Mayer or Jake Gyllenhaal? What? I have a weakness for Hollywood gossip, my secret shame. Sighs. So, yes, I have heard this song on the radio, but didn’t really pay attention to it because I didn’t realize it was a different song than the never getting back together song. Don’t get me wrong, I admire Taylor Swift — the girl is only 22 and she’s been writing music/lyrics like no tomorrow with amazing success. Very catchy tunes at that! I can’t even remember which keys are what from my childhood time learning piano for goodness sakes.


SO let’s get back to this cover. I luuuurve it.so.much. I am a grown-up (I say with a straight face) but have replayed this cover so many times that I’m getting the evil eye over here. [Aside: “Come on now, I’ve converted you by playing it over and over, right?”….*eye roll* returned…and, oh, what’s this? A defeated nod with downcast eyes? “You can thank me later.”]

Props to Walk Off The Earth doing this acapella-styles. I just watched Pitch Perfect so am enthralled. A big YES that the group is Canadian, woot! And features the robotic beatbox styling of KRNFX (pronounced “Korean FX”), Canada’s beatbox champ Terry Im–thank you for representing Asian Canadians. 

Okay, just listen to it, will you? No matter how much you may snub your nose at the original version or its songstress. Personally made my day. A little joy matters!

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♡ Happy New Year 2013!

(credit) Tarafirma

Just so you know….2013 is going to be awesome! So smile! ♡

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