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(credit) Shane Koyczan

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There is kindness, graciousness, goodness, respect, dignity, truth, hope, and integrity in this world. It may not always show up, but it’s there. There are also the shadows, always the shadows. If you have ever been there, if you are there now, if you may go there, always know you don’t have to be alone. I have yet to find something more powerful than this spoken word poem by Canadian Shane Koyczan’s “To This Day.”  This is so important. Please take the time. Have tissues with you. Then reach out to someone. Please.

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(credit) weheartit & tumblr

Happy V-Day!

May you radiate love and receive lots of love in return! xo

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(credit) yourwelcomemycreatures

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Did you watch the Grammys? Alas, I did not. I didn’t even realize it was on. Oops. Anyways, whiles I’m hearing all about it and the things I missed (how infuriating…but there’s always the ‘net). I’m a bit “meh”…except for that Prince presented. Now, I was seriously relieved he only presented and not performed because his single release is SO.HOT. I know he’s not everyone’s steeze, but daaaaaaamn.

Have you heard it? “Breakfast Can Wait“? It’s….I can even…it’s so…*shake head*….you need to sit down, you hear me? I first heard it on Q on CBC. Even Jian was fanning himself after it ended. Daaaaamn, Prince. I defy anyone who does not feel this jam. Hotcakes smothered in honey never sounded so unappetizing. Listen HERE.

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♡ A manner of traveling

(credit) when the stars go blue

So true. So awesome. I love traveling…through life.

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