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Clearly, from my first name, you must know I have an affinity for cherry blossoms. It isn’t spring unless there are cherry blossom petals snowing down, covering most everything a frothy pink. One of my favourite things to delight in when I lived in Tokyo was to meet up with friends and linger with a picnic and sake under rows and rows of cherry blossoms, abloom with pink. How I miss hanami! Oh yes, I feel that a haiku is in order.

A lovely spring night

suddenly vanished while we

viewed cherry blossoms

                        – Matsuo Basho



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♡ Learn

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I just had Spring Break–a break from my position at work. However, I was also finishing up some post-grad studies to *learn* and…sheepishly…to get that pay raise. I’m studying….and typing…and researching…and typing…and cursing the beautiful weather outside. Well, I’m not cursing the weather outside. I’m cursing the final projects that I’m having to finish up as I slave away indoors.

Anyways, as many people do this–juggling work and school–I’m going to swallow the burn. *Sigh* I actually enjoy attending post-grad university. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to attend my whole adult life, practically. My undergrad. My post-grad. I’m learning a lot of useful things this time around, things I’ve already used in practice at work. It really is such as privilege to attend university. But the actual studying part? I wish I could do without.

I’m just babbling, but really enjoyed this Skillshare snapshot of learning. So good. I’m also doubly grateful that I did not accrue student loan debt. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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