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☺ Daily Smile | Scandal

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Okay, I am fanning myself over right here, people. I have many secret shames. One is reading Hollywood Gossip blogs (my favourite is LaineyGossip). I can’t really get into the other secret shames, because class do a lady good. I will, however, admit to unabashingly fan-girling over the TV show Scandal. Damn. This show makes my Thursdays.SO.MUCH…MORE.

Please can I be as beautiful as Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope? Please can I have a smokin’ hot crazy stupid passionate amour, a la Olitz? Please can I have a handsome cad of a stalker like Jake (aka. Noel from Felicity and Mr.ex-Jennifer Garner–I told you one of my secret shames was Hollywood gossip). Please can I be a Gladiator? Please can Harrison be any more delicious? Please can I have Abby’s luxurious locks? Please can I be as whip smart witty as David? Please can I be uber-secret machine like Huck?

See, look at what Scandal does to me? I can’t even speak coherently. I speak in tongues. I speak in fan-girling silly-talk. But daaaamn, that show is sensuous, sexy, and scorching. Love it.SO.MUCH. That is all. I can no longer say anything more because I’m reeling from tonight’s episode.

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