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(credit) Mala Collective (pic & info)


I absolutely adore, cherish, and swoon over my Mala Collective Self-Love Mala.

I love the meaning behind it:

The Self Love Mala features the stone of universal love. Rose Quartz is known for its ability to open the heart chakra to different types of love, from platonic, to romantic, and even self love.

I love the pretty pinkiness of it:

Rose Quartz: Serve to open the heart, enhances creativity, and heals emotional wounds, broken hearts. Considered the love stone, beneficial to circulatory system and aids in relieving anxiety.

I love the weight of it. I love the light tinkling the mala beads make when I put it away after wearing it. I love that even though I wear it as an accessory (truth be told), I am lifted by its purpose:

A mala is a set of beads that has traditionally been used in prayer and meditation. It can be worn by anyone seeking a calmer mind, body, and spirit.

I love where the mala is made:

Made in Bali by Aum Rudraksha Designs, where the Mala Collective provides fair trade jobs. As well, proceeds support the high priests of Bali, and Bumi Sehat — a birthing and wellness centre in Ubud, Indonesia.

I love that my mala is made from seeds, because seeds are little kernels of life:

They are made from rudraksha seeds that grow on trees in South East Asia inside a blueberry-like fruit. They are sustainably harvested and fairly traded.

I love that there are 108 beads on my self-love mala:

The number 108 is significant…Some believe there are 108 stages on the journey of the human soul, while some associate the possibility of enlightenment with taking only 108 breaths a day, while in deep meditation.

I love that when I am feeling restless, annoyed, judgmental, overwhelmed, bitchy, or deflated, I can run my fingertips around my textured mala beads and smooth quartz, and then I feel calmer, safer, and present.

* If “love” is not your preferred intention, there are also malas that represent: Strength/Clarity, Dispel Fears/Anxiety, Follow Dreams, Inspiration/Creativity, Comfort/Balance/Harmony, Inner Peace, Self Observation, Align Chakras.

* If pinky rose quartz is not your happy place, they also have: agate, amazonian, amethyst, carnelian, chakra, chrysocolla, fire agate, gold, green or red aventurine, jasper, lava, “leopard skin” stone, moss agate, obsidian, onyx, pearl, quartz crystal, rudrani, serpentine, silver, smoky quartz, turquoise, unakite.

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(credit) Soundcloud: Octobersveryown


Drake is Canadian. Big patriotic *YAY*. I have to admit that I don’t normally listen to Drake’s music. I’m not cool enough to understand it. *shrug*

Nevertheless, I luuuuuuurve this song as part of my Summer Jam series. It’s called The Motion, and it features Sampha providing some softness and mellowness to Drake’s introspective rapping. A bit of neo-soul, a bit of electronic chilllout, a bit of rap…

I like the groove. It fits well with my playlist, especially right after Ciara’s Body Party.

PS: If the Soundcloud doesn’t work (I’m having major difficulties figuring out how to imbed properly….so confusing), then have a listen here.

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♡ Ahhhh, it’s Friday….

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☺ Daily Smile | ‘P’ words

(credit) tumblr


I’m not quite sure what to make of it, and clearly this is random, but I came across a series of words/names that begin with the letter ‘p’ today…which, I get it, this does not warrant even a fervent glance at.

But how about if I tell you that each ‘p’ word/name sounds imperceptibly the same? You have to have a damn good ear to differentiate them. Lo and behold, I must have supersonic hearing if I could hear the subtleties. *Oh yeah, oh yeah, cabbage patch, cabbage patch*

Ahem, yes, I’m getting right to it. Here they are, in all their ‘puh‘-glory (phonics, yo!):

Pretoria….South Africa, where Nelson Mandela is on his deathbed. 

Petraeus….Former director of the CIA involved in a naaas-taaay scandal (“oh you nasty boys” — re: Janet, comes to mind).

Petronas….Ginormous Malaysian oil and gas company laying stake in BC.

Pistorius….Disgraced athlete who allegedly murdered his girlfriend after mistaking her for a burgler (um…in his bathroom? Alright, apologies, just add allegedly in there).

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♡ And…repeat

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(credit) via huffpost, sourced MyBlogCliche1


I am not in my city’s wannabe version of Brooklyn, hip and trying not to be  all “try” even though the trying not to be “try” is making it even more obvious it is so “try” (although, come now, I’m secretly impressed with it all — the effort, the unspoken drama…my word!).

I’m not one who rolls her hair up into a “messy bun” and dons a pair of hipster glasses, whilst nibbling on a spelt-amaranth-carob scone between sips of foamed organic almond-milk atop fair-trade Colombian coffee at the latest cafe around the way. Outside, I don’t have a refurbished antique bicycle (wait…excuse me, I meant, bicyclette) locked up yet leaning just so, in such a way that couples passing by will notice and oooh and ahhh over its retro-chic.

I don’t have an aloof expression and languid posture belying the fact that inside I really worry what you think of me. Or maybe not worry, but invested in what you think of me. I’m not being self-satisfied that nothing on me is ostentatious, despite wearing a designer non-designer-looking outfit (…maybe, a CÚNTIE Paris tee slouched over a second-hand Topshop mini (Look, look at me, I recycle and re-use!) with Rebecca Minkoff sandals and handbag, neck all adorned with Gorjana multi-tiered gold pendants, my wrist layered upon with Chan Luu wrap bracelets).


I am so luuuuuuurrrvvvving this cover of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” by Brooklyn band Vampire Weekend. They are certainly not my steeze, but HOT daaaaaamn, their cover is SO.MUCH.FUN. Their fanbase must be WTF-ing themselves over this R&B groove imposing itself into Vampire Weekend’s set list. Hee.

PS: Who is being all self-satisfied now, right? I know, I know. Forgive me? Thank you for indulging me in poking fun at the hipsters in my city. Like I said in the intro, though, I am thoroughly impressed…all that hipsterness is a lot of effort. I’m already exhausted just writing about it. *wink*

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♡ Good things

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