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♡ Grateful

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Blissful and relaxed and soooo incredibly grateful for a loving holiday in Troncones, Mexico. The sounds of the crashing ocean waves, the warm ocean water, the playful dogs on the beach, the delicious food, the beautiful thunder storms, the nice gentle vibe…

Yes, I’m grateful. SO much so.

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Hello friends! I’m off on hiatus as I travel southbound towards a beachy adventure…Ta!

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(credit) Dang, That’s Good!


Lookit here, I’m obsessed with snacks. I come from a snacking culture after all. Have you been to Japan or at least a Japanese market? We luuuurve our snacks. These are my favourites:  Strawberry Polky, Salad Pretz, Strawberry Hi-Chew, Botan Ame, Meiji Almond Choco, Apollo Strawberry Choco, Lotte Choco Koala, Meiji Strawberry Choco Gummy, Kanro Pure Lemon Gummy, Glico Cream Collon, Meiji Curry Curls, crazy-flavoured seasonal KitKats (like cherry blossom, or wasabi, or black sesame, etc), wasabi peas, rice crackers (osenbei/arare)….*nom nom nom* (Kawaii enough? I tried.)

When I worked in my office in Tokyo, I had a bottom desk drawer full o’ snacks. We had long ass hours so having a snack drawer was a must-have…to share and bribe alike. Come to think of it, back in Canada, I still have a snack drawer in my current position. My boss comes by to pilfer a handful of my stash (usually black pepper/salt kettle chips, or Chicago-style or kettle corn popcorn) and we’ve bonded over licking the flavour-dust off our fingers. Yup, I tend to gravitate towards the salty/savoury snacks (refresher here) over the sweets in Canada.

Except now I’ve come to covet a sweet snack that I’m obsessing over…LIKE.CRAZY. It’s crunchy, crispy, munchy like a salty chip, but sweet and equally addictive as my beloved kettle chips: Dang Coconut Chips. Hot daaaaamn almighty, it is true what they’ve marketed, that after my first tentative bite (“Is this even gonna be good?“), I might have said, “Daaaaang! That’s Good!” Although it probably came out more like: “Mmm, oooh, gooood.”

I do love all things coconut, so Dang Coconut Chips and I are a good fit. You may know about my coconut water love (refresher here). What else? Coconut horchata, coconut milk, pina coladas, coconut mojitos, coconut oil, german chocolate cake (with that coconut-flecked frosting….ooh, naughty yum). I even like that fake coconut suntan lotion scent. Summer!

So my current go-to sweet snack is Dang Coconut Chips, which are pinky-sized slivers of toasted nutrient-packed chopra (coconut meat) that taste like a crunchy vanilla-infused coconut macaroon. Better yet? They’re vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO,  have no cholesterol, have fibre, are high in lauric acid…and a family-owned company (Asian Americans represent!). Lovely note: Dang means “red” in Thai and is the name of the company’s matriarch.

Unfortunately, Dang Coconut Chips are not sold in Canada (Why not?!). Can you people get on that already? These chips would fly in my city because Vancouver is full of foodies (ad nauseam), health-conscious, full of farmers’ markets and tons of natural food markets, with more than 50% of its population composed of Asian ethnic groups. Seriously?! Stock up! I’ve run out after a haul across the border in Seattle and am too damn cheap to pay for shipping fees. Yeah, I said it.

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♫ Gramatik | so much for love

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Let me just reiterate once again that I do not propose to know anything about music. AT. ALL. Yet for some reason in the summer I’m all over it. Perhaps because the days are longer. All the sunshine. Everyone feels so good. Music moves the body.

The body is more exposed in the summertime with all the tanks and minis and shorts and sundresses, sandals, and strapless bits and pieces. Then when said body is writhing to beats, basking in sunlight, smiles all around…well, now that’s summer.

‘kay, so normally I only listen to music when I run, whatever the season. Unfortunately, I tore two ligaments of my left ankle/foot area, so I’m basically not listening to music for running right now. *sigh*

But, but, but I am happy to make my little running playlist (“Summer Jam Compilation” – as bouncy a title I’m going to produce) for my future runs, once I’m all healed. Forward thinking and all that. Woohoo.

And I’m including this song “So Much For Love” by Gramatik (listen above), because I luuuuurve the beats, although I suppose it sounds more like something you’d hear in the background of a lounge as the bartender mixes some cocktail featuring muddled this, vermouth that, infused this, and aromatic bitters. Right?

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♡ Good for your soul

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