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☺ Daily Smile | oh hell, yes

(credit) ilovefitzgerald

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(credit) Jacqueline @ chibird

Jacqueline from Chibird designed this adorable reminder reminder to slow down, be grateful, and smile at the good things in life. And, damn, how cute can this be? Seriously. So cute.

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♡ Happy Thanksgiving 2013

(credit) sinclair & moore


A 3-day weekend and family gatherings, with a bonus run of sunshine and crisp air in my hometown. Won’t be eating turkey, but will pile up on sweet potato supreme, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Oh yes, and pumpkin pie too. Yum!

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♡ Ohayo Gozaimasu

(credit) happythingstumblr


Okay, I’m throwing out a couple ways to say “Good morning.” I’m a night owl, but I also love the morning, so I must be equal opportunity on that front.

The dark gloom of fall/winter mornings is now setting in, which means I really need that extra sumthin’ sumthin’ to get me out of bed in the morns. My Happy Light comes in handy, a cup of really goood coffee, an invigorating shower, affirmations, CBC Radio 1, and my green smoothie after a glass of lemon water with cayenne to wake up my digestive system. Et toi? 

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(credit) quick meme


So…I’ve never owned anything Magic Bullet-ish, but now I own a Nutribullet and I luuuuuurve it. SO.MUCH. Apparently, there is an infomercial, but for me it was through positive word-of-mouth that led me to purchase my very own.

My green smoothies turn out really smooth and creamy, and not at all blender-chunky. Blissful breakfasts. *sigh*

My go-to recipe that I whip up? Organic baby kale + lemon + fresh ginger + cucumber + zucchini + berries + banana + flax oil + flax seed + spirulina + chia seeds + goji berries + vegan protein powder + water (and sometimes coconut water).

Burst of energy in a cup!


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(credit) inspirationkick tumblr

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