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♫ Brian McKnight

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One of my favourites from the  ’90s R&B era is Brian McKnight. He has the best break-up songs. Back then, I’d be all sad and blue after a breakup and listen to Brian McKnight. Ha, it’s rather humorous now thinking about that! We were so dramatic back then. But yes, he’s the one we turned to for those weepy moments. For others, of course, it was angsty grunge. Ugh.

For others, like me, Brian McKnight was the man. He even knows it, having a Funny or Die parody about his smoothness called “How Your P*ssy Works” (awesome). Because, you know, after listening to Brian Mcknight’s ballads…well, they are panty-droppers. You know who you are. Oh yes you do. I’m looking at you. 

ONE LAST CRY (listen)

The weepiest one of them all.

...I gave my best to you, and there’s nothing left to do but have one last cry. One last cry before I leave it all behind. I gotta put you outta my mind this time, and stop living a lie. I guess I’m down to my last cry…Still I sit all alone, wishing all my feelings were gone. Gotta get over you, nothing for me to do but have one last cry…

ANYTIME (listen)

…Do I ever cross your mind anytime? Do you ever wake up reaching out for me? Do I ever cross your mind anytime? I miss you…No more loneliness and heartache. No more crying myself to sleep. No more wondering about tomorrow. Won’t you come back to me?

6, 8, 12 (listen)

It’s been 6 months, 8 days, 12 hours since you’ve gone away. I miss you so much and I don’t know what to say. I should be over you. I should know better but it’s just not the case…Do you ever ask about me? Do your friends till tell you what to do? Ever time the phone rings, do you wish it was me calling you? Do you still feel the same? Or has time put out the flame? I miss you. Is everything okay? It’s hard enough just passing the time, when I can’t seem to get you out of my mind. And where is the “good” in good-bye? Tell me why? It’s been 6 months, 8 days, 12 hours…


Anyways, I haven’t listened to Brian McKnight for such a loooong time…but all of a sudden, I just had this urge to hear him again. I’m so glad I’m not that girl anymore. The girl who needed to secretly hole up under a grey cloud and brood listening to Brian. But he did lessen the pain. 

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I love R&B. I love ’90s R&B. I love The Mindy Project. I have a crush on the character Danny Castellano. Now I adore him. His secret Santa gift was the most  A M A Z I N G  gesture I have witnessed on a cute rom-com ever. Ever.

Plus I miss Aaliyah. I liked Romeo Must Die (secretly). And I always dig a man who can hip hop for real and fershizzle good and not be shy about it.

Then – then! – he finished the dance sequence off with that sweet gesture with the chin…Oh.My.Word. Men, y’all need to study this.


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