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Did you think it was me? Don’t worry, it’s coming. Lucky chum. Instead…

Yesterday had a great girls’ nite dinner – delicious food, lovely company, on point conversation. Then…one of my friends relates a story about meeting up with the on-again-off-again man of hers. *sigh* You didn’t let him into the heart again, did you? we chastised (guilty as charged).

We get it, he’s a good man but with boyish tendencies (the immature ones not the endearing ones) — commitment issues, wanting to prove himself before settling down, you know, yada yada life life life. We like him. We adore him. He, not that it matters, is handsome, tall, European (where the gooood hand-dipped chocolates are from), younger, intelligent, smart, driven, owns his home, has tight ties with his family, has close knit bunch of loyal friends, has a great career and even better smile. (Yes, he’s for real.)

But he made mistakes. She made mistakes. He made some more. Hence, You didn’t let him into the heart again, did you? Of course, as people do, he changed, he grew up, he grew some, and our boy stepped up and put a ring on it, à la Beyoncé.

The best is that it came from left field. Detour right. Risk. Venture. Hit target. Encountered forcefield. Shock. Push button. Release shield. Open heart. Yes.

*Jumpy claps*

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