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I ♥ gem essences

Gem & Crystal Essences, or vibrational essences. Interest in the use of vibrational essences is currently growing enormously as more and more people reach a level of awareness that leads them to look for natural ways to create greater unity and wholeness in their lives.

Each essence contains the life force or energy imprint of a particular gem, crystal or mineral. These beautiful energies provide a positive balancing force, which in a natural gentle way help to release the energetic patterning of old thoughts, attitudes and emotional issues that no longer serve us. This simple system of re-patterning effects change at a causal level offering us the powerful opportunity to bring harmony and balance to emotions, mind, & spirit

How can Essences Help Us
Using vibrational essences will help us to gently feel and release the old layers of buried emotions and thought patterns that unconsciously create who we are and how we react to situations and people in our lives.


Gem essences follow a very ancient tradition. Ancient cultures used gems and sound vibration to direct the subtle forces of nature. Gems came to be used in astrology as well, to counteract the negative influence of the planets. In ancient eastern medicine, gemstones and gem elixirs played an important role in the healing process.

Crystals and gems were highly respected for their remarkable, even magical powers and vibrational healing properties. Scientific evidence that acknowledges the special vibrational frequencies of gems is only coming to light as science develops the knowledge and tools to analyze the structure and properties of gems, and quantum physics gives us some of the answers as to why gems, crystals and minerals are able to do what they do. Somehow they understood the vibrational power of gems and their potential influence on the subtle energies of the human being that science is only just beginning to explain today.

Zambian Emeralds

Dating back as far as 3000 BC, a number of Vedic texts mention the use of gems, both in terms of astrology and healing. Gems were used whole, placed or worn on the body, or crushed and ingested as a powder or drunk as an elixir.

Gem essences capture the vibrational frequencies of gems and are encoded with wisdom achieved at a planetary level. This wisdom is transferred from the gem to the essences in the process of making the essence. A gem is placed in a bowl of water and then in the sun for several hours, where the vibrational pattern of the gem is transferred to the water. The gem is then removed from the water and alcohol/brandy is added to preserve the memory of the vibrational frequency of the gem. This creates the ‘mother tincture’. The essence is then diluted to create a ‘stock essence’. A further dilution takes place to create a ‘dosage essence’.

As Masaru Emoto has shown in his work with water (www.hado.net), intent, words, thought and music all have an impact upon the structure of water.

– See more at: http://www.luminesce.ca/aboutgemess.html#sthash.1UOyKNWV.dpuf

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Do you? Not big fat pastries, like canolis or Danish. I mean petit fours. The pretty, dainty pastries that are usually from France. This includes macarons.

I’m partial to éclairs and Napoleans. Canelé and Jesuite

Buttercream. Pink Fondant. Flaky bits of millefeuille. Raspberries.


How I love thee.

Not that I eat a lot of pastries in my city, but here’s what I do like:

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Finally it hit — the full force of the cold weather. We’ve had an unseasonally warm autumn so far, which has been bliss. But this week, like the snap of the fingers, it became so damn cold.

Shivering. Icy. Windy. Sweaters. Mittens. Black ice on the roads. Heat up high in the car. Hot bubble baths. Chili, Soups, Stews. And lots and lots of hot drinks — teas, coffees, ciders, cocoa. 


My preferences are plain black coffee but only at 49th Parallel or Milano Coffee (all in my hometown), otherwise Starbucks Americanos (with raspberry syrup), Cappuccinos (from any cafe), Chai Tea (with rosewater), Snow Dragon Mint Lattes (peppermint tea, vanilla syrup, steamed milk), Japanese green tea (not matcha), and very good quality jasmine tea


But my absolute favourite hot drink ever? 

It has to be the “Forever Nuts” tea latte from David’s Tea. OMG. The best. I cannot describe how utterly amazing this drink is. It’s earthy, nutty, with a touch of cinnamon. It tastes like roasted almonds and warm fireplaces and cozy blankets. 

I request it with soy milk (because they don’t have almond milk) and agave syrup as my sweetener. You order it right in the shop and they steep it for you and steam up the milk for you and put the milky foam on top. OOoohhhhOOOOh. So, so good.

It’s also caffeine-free, so more of a relaxing, comfy drink for the cold weather rather than a morning pick-me-up. 

Trust me, it’s amaaaazing. I am not doing it justice, but I’m telling you (unless you have nut-allergies) it is the most taste-buds-exploding, cashmere-sweater-of-a-drink you’ll ever have.

Go get one now! 

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(credit: Asher)


One of my favourite flavour pairings is salty & sweet, like:

  • Chocolate-covered pretzels, like these
  • Sticky granola bars with sweet honey and salty nuts, like these
  • Dark chocolate sprinkled with fleur-de-sel (sea-salt), refresher here
  • Himalayan pink-salt caramels, like these
  • Salted caramel ice-cream or gelato, like this (my favourite)
  • Chili-salt speckled fresh mango, like these
  • Dried mango with chili salt, like this
  • Watermelon-Feta salad, like this
  • Lime or watermelon or strawberry margaritas with salt-rim, like this
  • Chicago-style popcorn (cheddar & caramel), like this
  • Sweet and salty kettlecorn popcorn, like this

And now…ohmygod…now I’ve found…

…chocolate-covered potato chips !!!

Oh.my.word. Soooo delicious. The ultimate salty-sweet combo.


I did hear that Lay’s have chocolate-covered wavy-potato chips available during the winter holiday season at Target, but not in Canada (why not!?!). They also sell them at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory here (but only the USA stores). *le sigh*. So I’ve only ever tried Asher’s Milk Chocolate Smothered Potato Chips (loooove the “smothered” part). I don’t even think they sell them in Canada either. Nooooooooo….

Does this mean I have to go to the US every couple of months just to satisfy my chocolate-potato-chip obsession? Heartbreaking. Ah, but the currency exchange is a pain and all that gas. But I am obsessed.

Why? Well, come now, it’s the smooth sweet milk-chocolate and the salty thick rippled potato chip hiding underneath to give a slight crunch after your tastebuds hit the creamy chocolate. Then together the flavours meld into your mouth like ambrosia of the gods. OoooooooOOOOOOoooh yum.

Well, in the meantime, I could always whip up these make-do chocolate-covered potato chips from the food blog, Spoon Fork Bacon (HERE).  

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I ♥ jade plants

(credit: bhg)


I was craving green plants in my abode. You know, feng shui good energy and all that? Well, I ended up – dare say – killing them all. My greenthumb is non-existent so it seems. You see, I’m more of a fresh flower kinda gal, and simply adore bouquets of seasonal flowers – peonies and tulips in the spring; roses, irises, dahlias in the summer; and sunflowers and gerber daisies in the fall.

But, alas, my home needed a boost of nature energy so off I went to get some easy-to-care-for plants. The choice? Succulents, in particular the jade plant. They are less difficult to….well…less difficult to kill. Wish me luck! 


The jade plant is a succulent with smooth, rounded flat leaves, with some varieties flowering small pink or white blossoms. As the name suggests, the leaves are a rich green with tinges of red on the ends when exposed to constant sunlight. It’s also known as the Money Plant, Friendship Tree or Lucky Plant.


In Feng Shui, the jade plant is considered a good luck charm that activates wealth energy to attract the flow of money. Its green colour symbolizes growth and renewal. It’s considered to have a vibrant, rooted energy that produces fresh oxygen and positive expanding energy into a space – creating a lovely breeding ground for prosperity. Not only that, the smooth rounded leaves are said to resemble jade coins.

To know where to place your jade plant to activate good juju from Feng Shui, use the bagua map to help you.

* For family harmony, financial luck, good health, the success of projects and scholarly studies, place the jade plant in the SOUTHEAST are of your home. Here, the jade plant will bring balance, prosperity and success. And, with each new leaf, your fortunes are said to increase.

*For creativity or children luck, place the jade plant in the WEST corner.

*For business success and personal financial success, place in the SOUTHWEST area.

*For activating the help of mentors, teachers and other people, place in the NORTHWEST.

:: UNDER THE CUT: How to water, where to put it, how to prune, how to get rid of pests, etc ::


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(credit: ericinsf)
 My friend makes loving gem essences for spiritual wellness. I wasn’t sure what these essences were, or why I would want one, but I was presented with a bottle of Morganite Gem Essence. (It’s like this or this). My friend carefully explained what these essences do, and why Morganite is the gem for me. After, I felt very pleased and happy to receive an extra dose of Universal Love with my Morganite Gem Essence. Now what exactly is Morganite?
 Morganite is a pink semiprecious gem from the beryl family. It is considered a powerful, high vibrational, universal stone of unconditional Divine love. It is also known as the “Angel Stone” or “Heart Stone.” It was called Pink Beryl until 1911 when it was renamed after gem collector, J.P. Morgan, by the chief gemologist of Tiffany and Co. It’s currently a popular choice for engagement rings.
 Morganite’s colour is a transparent pink that can come in shades of violet, salmon, or peach. The colour pink is said to temper anger or resentment, and can calm you for meditation and deep reflection. Pink is also the colour of new love, new romance, sensuality, and new relationships. The peachy-shades of pink (those tinged with orange) promote affection, joy, friendship, pleasure, and family.
  • It brings healing, compassion, assurance, determination, and commitment.
  • It improves your self-esteem by bringing in an abundance of love, and infuses you with self-love.
  • It is attuned to the heart and Heart Chakra (energy centre).
  • The stone of fairness. A talisman for meetings where you wish to receive fair treatment.
  • One of Libra’s minor birthstones.


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I ♥ turmeric tea

(credit: wellandgood)
I don’t know too much about turmeric, but I do know that it’s mighty good for my health, its even nicknamed “the spice of life.” In its root form, it looks like ginger, its cousin. It gives the yellow colour to Indian curries and to hotdog mustard. After prayers, Hindu priests use it to make a dot on the third-eye area. According to Ayurveda, turmeric provides the flavour profile of bitterness to food, and balances all the doshas.

There are many a reasons turmeric is good for you, and some of them may be hooey and not proven by Western medicine (if that’s your barometer for safety) but there are some centuries-proven knowledge as well: 

* Has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties that keeps infection at bay 

* Elders in India who eat a ton of turmeric in their curry meals have a low rate of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

* Okinawans in their Blue Zone are amongst the longest surviving peoples on the earth (and healthy!) and they apparently drink tons of turmeric tea — something the mainland Japanese don’t do. 

* It also is said to detox the liver, slow down metabolism, relieve stress and even depression, ease arthritis, repairs cuts and burns topically, aid digestion, settle an upset stomach, and relieve a sore and irritated throat. 

* Dewy skin 1: Blend 1/2 tsp turmeric into 3 tbsp plain yogurt. Put this mask all over your face. Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Wash off. Glow.

* Dewy skin 2: Blend in a teeny pinch of turmeric (not too much or you’ll stain your skin a mustard-yellow) onto your night cream before smoothing it over your face.  


My favourite way to get my turmeric on, is to make a soothing and creamy turmeric tea. There are many types of turmeric tea recipes out there, but I prefer this version which is a melding together of various recipes. Enjoy!

PS: I use Arayuma Ground Turmeric that I bought at Ten Thousand Villages. It’s organic and fair-trade, and harvested by small organic farmers in Sri Lanka and India. 

CREAMY TURMERIC TEA | single serving | (adapted from Mark’s Daily Apple)

*Recipe below the cut, along with other turmeric tea recipes*


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