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Now that I’m gone through the main rooms, I’m moving onto the home office/study. Mine is not contained in its own room per se, rather off the living space. These spaces are delightful.

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Secret guilty pleasures. A bit indulgent and materialistic. I know, I know. Oh honey, I’m a Capricorn so I like fine things. Not all of the time, but once in a while. I don’t expect it, but it doesn’t hurt.

My go-to delight? Tiffany & Co. Yes. I admit it. My eyes light up and go all gooey when presented with the classic tiffany-blue box with the white satin ribbon. I melt. I die. I *squee*. I *jumpy clap*. And my certain someone can do no wrong in my induced Tiffany & Co coma.

Tiffany & Co. gifts are to be bought for you. A lady doesn’t necessarily need to receive gifts from Tiffany & Co, but she definitely wants to. It’s about refined taste and femininity and simplicity. 

I feel lucky to have some pieces that are not too extravagant, but lovely and refined. A lady doesn’t need anything tacky, over-the-top and precious, instead this bauble will do. It’s simple. Classic. Elegant.


I have this heart tag charm bracelet from Tiffany & Co but I don’t wear it often because it’s hefty and often gets in the way when I’m working. It was a gift that I was most delighted to receive.

When I have children, I believe it’s imperative (damn, straight! come on, people, it’s labour) that I receive some charms for it as my “push present” — you know, charms that are the initials of my children’s names. Corny, right? 


Yes. It’s simple. Mine is directly from the flagship shop in New York City. Unfortunately I broke the chain, so it’s been languishing in my jewelery box waiting for a replacement. See it here.


I wear this ring all the time. I never take it off, unless absolutely necessary. It sits on the finger beside my pinky of my right hand. The Atlas ring is a classic band etched with roman numerals. My ring is at least 15 years old, so it doesn’t look exactly like the one in the picture which is a newer model. See it here.


For my last birthday, my parents gifted me with this double-heart pendant. It’s lovely and delicate. See? Even my parents know of my love-on with Tiffany’s. 


This lady right here (pointing at myself) starts to babble incoherently and fan herself when confronted with a Tiffany & Co blue box. Now, I’m truly serious when I say I don’t necessarily need any more…I’m good. But then again, I did say that a lady doesn’t need Tiffany baubles, she wants them. 

While I’m not a brand-name, high-maintenance gal (no designer purses, no fancy car, no Holt Renfrew/Barneys/Nordstrom wardrobe), I do like beautiful refined baubles once in awhile. Not tacky ones. No. But definitely the classy elegant things in life. I do not and shall not apologize for it. It’s my happy place. 


[Originally posted on November 2011, but I had revise because I received another bauble]

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I ♡ corsets



Okay, so, I don’t actually wear a corset, nor do I own one…yet. I have tried one on recently, and it was a revelation. Omg. Makes such a difference….it’s amazing.

My running buddy just got one. She raved about it. But, of course, since we snicker on the side, she had to admit this in a whisper. “I know it sounds weird (because society dictates so), but I got fitted for a corset…and it is amazing.” 

What the? Who the? What-what? Why amazing? Because it’s waste-training. Because it makes your work dresses look very “Mad Men”. Because things get sucked in, pushed up, and you walk like Jessica Rabbit. And, so it is.

A week later, I’m invited to a hang out with a friend. She needs to stop off at the corset shop. Yes, the corset shop! The best custom-made corset shop in the city. 

Frills. Lace. Coquettes. Stalkings. Bustiers. Corsets. 

This world exists? Oh yes it does. 

While my friend is fitting into her full-corset — all pink satin inlaid with black lace, I goof around and try on a black bustier…not the same. Not laced up. No boning, just mesh panels. It does its job — pushes things up, tightens the midriff, and gently shapes the waist.

Maybe I’ll just try on a real corset with real boning and laced up backside. 

So I do.

Oh. My. Word. 

The corset is a revelation! Pushes up. Pushes in. Small waste. Voluptuous. Not at all in a tacky way. This is true art — handcrafted stuff. Not cheap commercial throwaways. 

You walk with a sway. Your back is straighter. Your shoulders thrown back. Chin held high. And all secret. Because it’s all hidden away under a pretty straight-laced (ha!) black work dress. 

Damn. Corsets are real thing. A real ladylike thing. A real killer piece of wardrobe magic. 

Get one now. 

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Now that the rooms are done, here are some hallway and entry spaces that inspire good home juju.

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Here’s to home inspiration! I’ve gone over my living room tastes (here), bedroom tastes (here), and kitchen and dining tastes (here), so now moving onto the bathroom.

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Following my Living Room inspiration (refresher HERE) and my Bedroom inpiration (refreshere HERE) I’m moving onto the eating area, which is my favourite. The kitchen! Of course, this includes the dining area too. 

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