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(qui qu’a vu coco statement necklace by White Owl)

Yes, a dainty golden seahorse pendant adorns my neck, yet I do have a fondness for big, bold, statement necklaces on occasion. I remember once a colleague of mine said she wore bold, chunky (and sometimes sparkling) necklaces because it allowed her audience to pay attention to her face when she was speaking.  Personally, I don’t wear such statement necklaces to work; instead, I choose to wear small sparkling earrings once in a while, hoping for the same effect — honestly, a bit of sparkle and glitz catches the eye and you get some attention and focus on you.  

I am mesmerized by the stunning statement necklaces at both J.Crew and Anthropologie…but manage to tear my eyes and pocketbook away towards Etsy, where I can find equally fantabulous items made by independent and local designers. And oh, what a bounty of gorgeous statement necklaces did I find there!  Take a peek at some of my fab finds under the cut:


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