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Did you think it was me? Don’t worry, it’s coming. Lucky chum. Instead…

Yesterday had a great girls’ nite dinner – delicious food, lovely company, on point conversation. Then…one of my friends relates a story about meeting up with the on-again-off-again man of hers. *sigh* You didn’t let him into the heart again, did you? we chastised (guilty as charged).

We get it, he’s a good man but with boyish tendencies (the immature ones not the endearing ones) — commitment issues, wanting to prove himself before settling down, you know, yada yada life life life. We like him. We adore him. He, not that it matters, is handsome, tall, European (where the gooood hand-dipped chocolates are from), younger, intelligent, smart, driven, owns his home, has tight ties with his family, has close knit bunch of loyal friends, has a great career and even better smile. (Yes, he’s for real.)

But he made mistakes. She made mistakes. He made some more. Hence, You didn’t let him into the heart again, did you? Of course, as people do, he changed, he grew up, he grew some, and our boy stepped up and put a ring on it, à la Beyoncé.

The best is that it came from left field. Detour right. Risk. Venture. Hit target. Encountered forcefield. Shock. Push button. Release shield. Open heart. Yes.

*Jumpy claps*

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Can I say my excuse is that it is always rainy, dark and dreary in my part of the world — which just begs one to curl up on the sofa and get caught up with TV shows? Much more so with the signing up to Netflix *shake fist* — brain drain.

I am just catching up on all those shows everyone raves about. I’m liking: Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Damages, The Bridge, Firefly, Call the Midwife, Suits, The Good Wife, Homeland, The Bletchley Circle, Luther, Sherlock, The Fall, House of Lies, Veronica Mars, Dexter, Covert Affairs…but am not feeling Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, Community, Portlandia.

Oh no? Have I lost credibility? Have I lost the perception of being hip and cool? Yeah, yeah, I can’t pretend to like something just to seem hip and cool, sorry. I’m not saying those shows aren’t any good, of course not, but I just can’t get into them. I have heard the ones I’m not feeling are a slow burn at first, but if I wait it out, it will get better.

FALL 2014

Now, on regular ‘ol TV (we only have basic cable), I’m waiting for the return of Scandal and The Blacklist and The Mindy Project. But hello-on-wheels, I’m intrigued by the following new TV shows arriving this new fall. Dammit. I cannot let TV overrule my life!


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Yes, it’s my birthday…and I’m going to party like it’s my birthday (to quote 50 Cent). My favourite birthday thing to do is have breakfast (pancakes, jack daniel’s maple syrup, hash browns, scrambled eggs….and whiffs of bacon — oh, how I miss thee). Anything else after is, well, frosting on the cake. Yum! 


If your birthday is also on December 26, as is mine, have a read at this article “The Pitfalls of a December 26 Birthday” from The Chicago Tribune HEREIt being an American paper, well, there is n mention of the Boxing Day bit, but I hear the author’s lament loud and clear. 



*You are cautious, careful, imaginative, adventuresome, changeable, intuitive, determined, reliable, generous, loyal, honest, patient, organized and punctual.

*You are not a quitter. When you begin something — you finish. Challenges never deter you.

*Restlessness can be your downfall, as you can be very frustrating and even mischievous if you don’t have something to focus on.

*At times you can be defensive and rigid, but for the most part you are an enjoyable person who loves a good competition and a healthy adventure.

*Realistic and practical, others often turn to you for solid advice. Many actually lean on you, as you radiate strength.

*You have an ethical approach to life.

*You are brave with a little bit of a defiant rebellious streak and a strong dislike of any form of deception. While you are honest and loyal, you are also a “rebellious soul,” a non-conformist. You like to do things differently from other people yet you remain responsible and strong.

*You are responsible, serious and ambitious but also quite friendly with an offbeat sense of humour.

*With your slightly reserved emotions and high standards, you can be proud with a fragile ego and could suffer from stress if you take on too many responsibilities.

*Resourceful and prudent, you are a good judge of character and tend to like things your own way but you can be pessimistic and cautious too.

*Despite being fairly self-assured and disciplined, you may find it hard to admit a mistake. Try and learn to accept when you are wrong, and practice compromise.

*Your giving nature and your loyalty in friendship compensate for your slight coolness of emotion.

*Your intuitive judgment of others should be trusted and acted upon at all times.

*You are serious in your approach to life and to friendships but you are a friendly person.

*You have high standards that support your morals.

*You are reserved but proud. You have a good sense of humor but you find it difficult to laugh at your own mistakes.

*You are conscientious and smart.


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I love the sitcom Happy Endings so much! I only discovered it recently on Netflix. So funny. Ohmyword. So funny. I secretly love Jane the most. She’s a bit bossy like me, but damn efficient!


Anyways, there’s an episode called “No Ho-Ho” in the third season that is my favourite because I can totally relate. It’s about Jane and her covering up the fact that she’s a Christmas-baby (born on December 25). You see, I’m a Christmas baby too…sorta. I was born on Boxing Day (December 26). 

When you’re born on Boxing Day (in Canada), people forget your birthday. They are food-comatose from the Christmas dinner and treats. They are shopping their hearts out during the blowout sales. They are too busy and hectic to notice…and I’m okay with that. I’m not really into birthdays, so…


But I digres. The best part of the episode is the Hip-Hop Santa dance-off. Best laugh ever. Watch HERE. Happy Holidays! 

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