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(credit) Karma Bracelet | Zzaval @ etsy


I wear this pretty waxed-thread karma bracelet (from Zzaval in Spain on Etsy, pictured above). It’s a karma bracelet made with a gold “circle of life” ring and waxed-linen thread — to remind myself how lucky I am, and how much good karma is around me! … and to remind me to do right, be kind, walk away, and not let my ego get in the way.

You can choose a variety of coloured thread, but I ordered it in black. I was torn between choosing black, garnet (a deep red), or light orange. You can also choose the ring in silver, but I prefer gold because it matches the skintone better.


I couple the karma bracelet with this simple friendship bracelet by Zzaval, also in black waxed-linen thread. It’s the bracelet in the picture above that’s just a string of tiny golden beads. There’s a choice of silver, rose gold, or gold vermeil beads and I chose the latter to match my karma bracelet.

Good karma!

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☺ Daily Smile | dear…cards

(credit) Dear Santa | Anrol Designs @ etsy


These cheeky cards by Anrol Designs make me giggle! Hilarious. The one above is good but the one I like the best is just under the cut. *big smile*


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♡ Do you like me?

(credit) card | Lady Pilot Letterpress @ etsy


This is one of the hardest things to ask someone you like-like…and hope like-likes you back. Oh how this simple question makes you feel all queasy, blushed, sweaty, leaving you vulnerable and exposed. If you’re shy…forgetaboutit, how difficile pour toi.  If the feeling is mutual, then how fantabulous and what a relief and how exciting to move forward and accelerate….everything. A friend is having her moment — and she’s basically a sparked exposed wire, all jittery nerves, about asking this simple question….I feel for her.

Now it’s too bad you can’t just have someone courier this card (above) over. Awesome card, no? It’s the best when the receiver checks off the last item, of course. Hope this is how it goes with you. Good luck!

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(credit) 8×10 print | Pixel Cloud @ etsy

Pixel Cloud is a Vancouver-based artist who has the cutest prints for decorating the home or office. I’m especially feelin’ the print above! More of my favorites under the cut:


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☃ Holiday Cards @ Etsy

(credit) Cards | Studio Flower Power @ Etsy:

I love sending out and receiving Christmas cards! Holiday cards and New Year cards (big in Japan in lieu of Christmas cards). I was miffed to find out at the post office that one international stamp now costs $1.70 CDN (!?!). Completely radonculous! Quite sad considering people are reverting to e-cards instead of the tangible Christmas card. Well, I suppose it cuts down on tree-cutting…

I tend to buy the smaller-sized card with a more modern take on the holiday theme, as opposed to the large card with traditional images of English countryside deer frolicking in the snow amongst elfin children in furry hats. But that’s just me.

I’ve also made my own Christmas cards, but found I haven’t had the time lately to consider this option anymore. So here’s a lovely selection of Christmas cards at Etsy to peruse. Enjoy!

Kirigami 12 Days of ChristmasPop-up Cards (All 12 Patterns), Make Yourself @ popupcardmaking :

Snowmen Blank Card Set 5×8 @ Gigi’s Cards :

(see more under cut)


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I ♥ cuff bracelets

(credit) TRANSPARENT LUCIDITY @ Arosha Jewelry Design:


I went to a girls’ night dinner with some friends last week, and noticed my friend Hanna’s beautiful cut-out cuff bracelet.  She was wearing a solid-grey draped shirt and simple black jeans, very somber colours, yet she stood out because of that cuff bracelet.

This reminds me of a line in Steel Magnolias where the character Clairee says, “The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” 


I am always looking to honour and support the work of local artists, so I went to search for cuff-bracelets at Etsy. What a bounty of glorious finds!  I tried to find cuff-bracelets that were animal-friendly, hence I tried not to feature leather ones. Here’s what I found:

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland Chapter 1 ‘Drink Me’ Brass Cuff Bracelet | by  Jezebel Charms :

Slave To The Starburst @  TotusMel Tats :

Vegan Leather Master Key Cuff with Vintage Skeleton Key @ Urban Heirlooms  :

Cuff Bracelet Black Recycled Vinyl @ Sewn Again  :

More great cuff bracelets under the cut! 


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♡ Dance, dance, dance

Art Print | 2nd Coming @ Etsy

I am a sucker for So You Think You Can Dance, and am still sore after Alex Wong had to bow out of this season’s competition. His ballet-hip hop routine was a-freaking-mazing!  I can watch it again, and again, and again, and not get bored. Seriously. Wow.  

I’ve been practicing classical-Japanese dance (nihon buyo) since I was 5-years-old. A long ass time, let me tell you. I wish I could hip-hop dance, even tango, as they seem a lot more suave. I credit dancing with aiding me with the illusion of looking taller than my actual height. Lurve it. 

Dance, dance, dance, because as the adage goes: Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s learning how to dance in the rain. 

Here’s a sweet little dance-quote vid by Eddie Uehara called Dance Book:


Yes, check out some fantabulous dance-inspired items from Etsy under the cut:


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