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This fish is awesome (and that caption, too). I’m calling it…this fish is definitely coming into his ballerenisis



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(credit) serve with chips

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I don’t know much about comic books and DC Nation, sorry. But I do have a good rollickin’ time watching whatever they make from their comics! I think this alternate version of Catwoman is *squee* awesome. Mostly because she’s a kickass Asian gal…and it takes place in 1930s Shanghai, with all its mystique.

Haven’t yet watched The Dark Knight Rises….but am so itching. Loved The Dark Knight so much that I’m almost afraid to watch the last of the trilogy…but I will this week. Yay.

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(credit) National Film Board of Canada

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Despite he-who-shall-not-be-named is still our PM (what were my people thinking?!?) and is slowly destroying what makes Canada awesome and more awesome, I love Canada SO much. Born and raised, and grateful to have been, thankyouverymuch.

A happy giggle with William Shatner (fellow Canadian – yes, Captain Kirk is Canadian) singing, “O Canada” HERE. Enjoy!

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For a read up of what this says if you can’t see it well, read under the cut:


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(credit) Sesame Street

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I love this song. It’s so uplifting and happy and joyous and jubilant. Okay, redundant. Yes, yes. But oh how! I love this song. Even though it’s by Sesame Street with will.i.am, I’m thinking it’s a great song for all ages. I just want to jump around my place in my undies!

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(credit) Kind Over Matter

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