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I ♥ jade plants

(credit: bhg)


I was craving green plants in my abode. You know, feng shui good energy and all that? Well, I ended up – dare say – killing them all. My greenthumb is non-existent so it seems. You see, I’m more of a fresh flower kinda gal, and simply adore bouquets of seasonal flowers – peonies and tulips in the spring; roses, irises, dahlias in the summer; and sunflowers and gerber daisies in the fall.

But, alas, my home needed a boost of nature energy so off I went to get some easy-to-care-for plants. The choice? Succulents, in particular the jade plant. They are less difficult to….well…less difficult to kill. Wish me luck! 


The jade plant is a succulent with smooth, rounded flat leaves, with some varieties flowering small pink or white blossoms. As the name suggests, the leaves are a rich green with tinges of red on the ends when exposed to constant sunlight. It’s also known as the Money Plant, Friendship Tree or Lucky Plant.


In Feng Shui, the jade plant is considered a good luck charm that activates wealth energy to attract the flow of money. Its green colour symbolizes growth and renewal. It’s considered to have a vibrant, rooted energy that produces fresh oxygen and positive expanding energy into a space – creating a lovely breeding ground for prosperity. Not only that, the smooth rounded leaves are said to resemble jade coins.

To know where to place your jade plant to activate good juju from Feng Shui, use the bagua map to help you.

* For family harmony, financial luck, good health, the success of projects and scholarly studies, place the jade plant in the SOUTHEAST are of your home. Here, the jade plant will bring balance, prosperity and success. And, with each new leaf, your fortunes are said to increase.

*For creativity or children luck, place the jade plant in the WEST corner.

*For business success and personal financial success, place in the SOUTHWEST area.

*For activating the help of mentors, teachers and other people, place in the NORTHWEST.

:: UNDER THE CUT: How to water, where to put it, how to prune, how to get rid of pests, etc ::


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