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(credit) Alone in the City | Nesta @ Etsy:

Persistently viewing others as dishonest, lazy, sinful, and ignorant can be a way of compensating for something you fear. If there’s a pattern of seeing others as failures, you need to notice this pattern as evidence of what you’re attracting into your life.

Dr. Wayne D. Dyer, Daily Affirmation


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♫ Definitely the opera

lady at the opera by Trotalo @ Etsy


One of my favorite operas is Dialogues of the Carmelites by Francis Poulenc…yes, even though it’s about nuns (but it does involve the guillotine!).  A few years back, I attended a performance and sat in the front row right in front of the orchestra pit. It wasn’t my ideal location, but alas it was not my choice.  Up that close, I could pick the opera diva’s nose if I wanted to.  The only blip was that the subtitles were projected way up at the top of the stage, so I had the choice of really practicing my French or straining my neck to peek at the translation.

The production was based on the NYC Met production, and I was highly impressed with the stunning set design and lighting. The lighting! — slits of sunlight in early dawn…full daylight…the glow of moonlight.  Exquisite.


I was profoundly touched by a line from the opera:

It is a greater misfortune not to be despised by other people, but to despise oneself.


No need to worry, I don’t despise myself*.  Quite the opposite actually.  Should I admit that?  Who cares, I’m going to embrace it, dammit.  It’s funny how some of us feel the need to apologize for something like that.  

Anyways, I have encountered those who do despise themselves, and it’s quite a bore to be around them.  Seriously, their aura is deeply negative and I can’t wait to get away from them.  I wish I were a bit more sympathetic.  I do, however, believe that too often we fear that others are judging us harshly, and thus we live in fear of being who we really are, or living how we wish, because we believe that others will depise us if they knew the real truth (or “hate on us” if that’s more à propos to you). 

Some people go through life not realizing this, but in effect it may not be that others will despise us but rather that we despise ourselves and project that which makes us unattractive and shrouded in misfortune.  How operatic.  How utterly doomed.  I hope you are not among these souls.  

(* but, of course, being human, there are days when I admittedly have regrets and cringe at myself momentarily– did I actually do/say that?  Doh. But I sigh and carry on. It’s been done after all.  Can only try to (forthrightly) undo what I can and forgive what’s been done. Yup.)

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