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I love Christmas songs! So festive! I know that there are radio stations that play Christmas music 24/7 during December, but I don’t find that helpful because I have favourites that they don’t play. 

Here is a list of my favourite Christmas tunes. Enjoy!


Ashanti | Hey Santa | LISTEN

Babyface | Winter Wonderland | LISTEN

Bishop Allen | You’ll Never Find Your Christmas | LISTEN

Blackalicious | Toy Jackpot | LISTEN

Boyz II Men | Let It Snow | LISTEN

Brian McKnight | Home for the Holidays | LISTEN

Christina Aguilera | Christmas Time | LISTEN

Christina Aguilera | The Christmas Song (remix) | LISTEN

Destiny’s Child | Eight Days of Christmas | LISTEN

Dido | Christmas Day | LISTEN

Ella Fitzgerald | Santa Claus is Coming Home | LISTEN

Ella Fitzgerald | Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas | LISTEN

Ella Fitzgerald | What Are You Doing on New Year’s Eve? | LISTEN

Ella Fitzgerald | Sleigh Bells | LISTEN

Ella Fitzgerald | Frosty the Snowman  | LISTEN

En Vogue | Silent Night | LISTEN

Guster | Tiny Christmas Tree | LISTEN

Harry Connick Jr. | Let It Snow | LISTEN

Indie.Arie & Stevie Wonder | The Christmas Song | LISTEN

Jason Mraz | Winter Wonderland  | LISTEN

Joe | This Christmas | LISTEN

KT Tunstall | Sleigh Bells | LISTEN

Lenka | All My Bells Are Ringing  | LISTEN

Little Jackie | Mrs. Claus Ain’t Got Nothing On Me | LISTEN

Mariah Carey | Christmas (Baby Come Home) | LISTEN

Mariah Carey | All I Want For Christmas | LISTEN

Matt Dusk | Christmas is Finally Here | LISTEN

Matt Dusk | Marshmallow World  | LISTEN

Matt Dusk | Cool Yule | LISTEN

Meghan Smith | It Snowed | LISTEN

Meiko | Maybe Next Year (Xmas Song) | LISTEN

Glee | Wonderful Christmas | LISTEN

Peabo Bryson | It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year | LISTEN

SheDaisy | Jingle Bells | LISTEN

SheDaisy | Deck the Halls | LISTEN

Take 6 | You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch | LISTEN

The Temptations | Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer | LISTEN

TLC | Sleigh Ride | LISTEN

Tony Bennett | Winter Wonderland  | LISTEN

Tony Bennett | I’ll Be Home For Christmas | LISTEN

Train | Shake Up Christmas | LISTEN

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I’m not much of a pop song aficionado, but I have my share of guilty pleasure pop songs as my favourite earwigs. This year…well, this year I can’t really say I liked that many songs but I really haven’t been paying attention. Good thing, this DJ compiled snippets of all the good ones and made an awesome mashup. 

Oh yes, he’s also from the same hometown as me. Random, yes. 

*Listen HERE*

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So I went to my friend’s annual Xmas party and brought over some homemade (what I’ve dubbed as) smores’mallows — because easy and, well, kids.

(credit: teacher-chef)


We all chit-chatted…nibbled on the appies…wine. Oh yes, wine.

Then chit-chatted with a charming fellow from England. (No, it wasn’t like that. Please.) He was on his way to the interior mountains to become a licensed avalanche-prevention rescuer. Or something like that.

So I was fascinated because he grew up in a hamlet. A hamlet! He said it’s smaller than a village. He grew up in a hamlet that only had four families (!!) living there from when he was “0 to 17.” After 17, he moved to a village. This cracked me up for some reason. Now he lives in Canada, which sounds so boring compared to living in a hamlet in the midlands (cue proper British accent when you say it).  


Oh yes, we bonded over DJs. He also DJs on the side, aside from his rescuer career. (I, however, do not DJ — please no). We particularly bonded over Japanese DJs…because they.are.the.sh*t.

I’m partial to DJ Krush (refresher HERE), mostly because I prefer beats over techno, house, or d’n’b. 

He’s partial to DJ Kentaro, who’s one of the newer young ‘uns. 

We’re into the DJ Kentaro & DJ Krush collab for the wicked song, “Kikkake” (which means “trigger” in Japanese). Sick.ass.beats. So good. (Although some might think it’s just ‘noise’). 

*Listen HERE*

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(credit: giphy)

René Marie | I WANT TO BE EVIL

*Listen HERE*

I am seen as a “good girl.” Of course, I’m a grown up woman but I’m still seen as a “good girl.” I’m not the hot girl, the sexy girl, the smart girl, the shy girl, the bitchy girl, the athletic girl, the outdoorsy girl, the granola-girl, not even the cute girl. I’m the “good girl.” Funny that, because nothing could be further from the truth. I just look like a “good girl” — but I’m not.


I’m not even the “nice girl.” I’m not entirely sure I’m nice. Being ‘nice’ isn’t really a virtue anyways. I think anyone can be ‘nice’ — you’re nice because you need something, you’re nice so that people think you’re decent. Or you’re nice because you need a favour and this is the ‘in’ you need. 

What’s more virtuous than being ‘nice’? What is exceptionally genuine? It’s being kind and good. This is crazy rare. So when I’m saying I’m seen as a “good girl,” I don’t mean the good version of ‘good’ (generous, patient, selfless, etc). No. I mean the ‘goody-goody’ version of ‘good girl.’ All I have to say to that is…



I’m very selective about who I’m nice to, let alone who I’m kind to. I don’t have time and I don’t need to be nice to everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I am friendly and I can be nice most of the time. But when I’m not, it’s mostly because I’m quite intuitive (although that’s not a great excuse, I get it). So, when I sense someone does not have good juju then my back gets up, the hairs on my arms rise up, and I get tingly bad energy vibes from the person. This leads me to be all standoffish, cold, and not nice. 

When this happens, oh, all of a sudden I’m seen as a bitch. *shrug* No longer a ‘good girl.’ It also comes out of nowhere for some people, the perception of me shifts like a snap of the fingers because they underestimated me. They assumed that because I look like such a ‘good girl’ that I must also be one, too. A ‘goody-goody.’ A pushover. Polite. Meek. Non-threatening. 

The f**k? I know, right?

Refresher here, I may seem like a ‘good girl’ on first glance, and a lady at that, but I am not a pushover. People at work can attest to that. So yes, I can bite. I can sting. I can cut. And, oh how, I have. In spades. Sometimes I’ve not been proud of it, but sometimes I’ve high-fived out of sheer satisfaction.  


But deep inside, yes, I’m a ‘good girl.’ *Sigh* There, I admit it.

I also admit that there are many a times that I wish I could be evil. Okay, maybe not ‘evil’ but definitely ‘bad.’ Oh yes, baaaaaad. The quintessential bad girl. I wish I could stomp all over in heels, break more rules, and scandalize. Yeeeessssss.

And that’s why I love this cover by American jazz singer René Marie (the original is by Eartha Kitt).

*Listen HERE*

See the lyrics under the cut.


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This song’s from the summer, but I still listen to it because it’s straight.up.dope. I am too old to know what “2 On” means. *Shrug* Apparently, it means “get turned up” enough to go out on the town with renewed energy for an all-nighter. 

I barely last past 1:00 am. Barely. 

*Listen HERE*

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Yes, I listen to French music (refresher HERE). It’s rather weird since it’s not a language that I’m strong at. I would say that I can read it better than I can either speak or understand it. Such a gorgeous language, no? I mean, I studied French from Grade 4 until Grade 12 (9 years!) — but ever since I was 18 I haven’t touched it, except the times that I’ve visited Québec and the time I worked on a project in Normandy, France.

So, yes, I’ve listened to French music since I was in highschool when my French was actually quite good. While I prefer French rap, what I really like is the desperately sad French music that’s out there. It’s so f*cking good. Despair sounds so much more devastating and emotional in French than English. God, yes. So, so good if you’re going through heartache. 


One of my all-time favourites is Formidable” by Stromae — the french word not the English word. Stromae was recently in my city for a concert but I missed it. Oh, despair! 

So although the title is “wonderful” or “terrific,” it’s actually an emotional song about a break-up — he’s basically a guy who’s broken up with his girl and he’s wasted drunk and lamenting the end of the relationship. In this song, the beats are amazing. The piano bits? So good.

The lyrics make you wince — he’s so pathetic in his heartache. You know that feeling? When you’ve broken up with someone and you’re angry and bitter and ranting about stupid things. Well, that’s this song.


The French in this song is a bit different — maybe slang or a dialect, I can’t tell, but there’s parts where the French doesn’t sound familiar to me (but maybe that’s because I learned Québécois French). And he pronounces the ‘t‘ sound as ‘ch’ sound. 

Anyways, even if you don’t know any French you can still appreciate and enjoy the music since you’ll definitely feel all the deep emotions in Stromae’s voice, the sincerity and pain, the fluidity of the language, and the beats. Such a great song. 

And if this song doesn’t move you, I don’t know what to say…maybe you have a stone heart? 

Anyways, the chorus: 

Formidable, formidable (Wonderful, wonderful)
Tu étais formidable, j’étais fort minable, (You were wonderful, I was quite pathetic)
Nous étions formidables, (We were wonderful)
Formidable, (Wonderful)
Tu étais formidable, j’étais fort minable, (You were wonderful, I was quite pathetic)
Nous étions formidables (We were wonderful)…

*Listen HERE*

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Most of the time I listen to music without lyrics rather than music with lyrics (refresher HERE), especially jazz, classical (refresher here), and ambient electronica or anything with really good beats (refresher here). Basically anything that vibrates and makes the body sway in a languid way. 

Which is why I’m currently listening to “String Theory” on rotation (listen HERE). It’s all classical music with a heavy emphasis on the strings (violins! cellos!) and sick ass beats. 

God, I love it. 

*Listen HERE*

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