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I believe in signs.  I do.  In my life, I’ve had signs reveal themselves to advise me to:  STOP.  SIT DOWN.  AND REFLECT.

Once, a couple of years ago, during an especially hectic day that turned into a hectic week, my temper was constantly simmering, on the cusp of boiling over.   I had to consistently swallow my irritation and annoyance with everyone.  I was stewing in my own negative vibes.  

Then, while driving home late at night, I saw a dog in my headlights at the edge of the sidewalk.  Don’t cross, I prayed.   I slowed down.  As I got closer, I thought the dog would see the headlights of my car, and pause.  Instead, the dog walked (not ran) in front of my car to cross the street!   I was already slowing down, and put my foot on the brake in a panicked hurry to stop.

Clearly, I took this as a sign to slow down.  To remind myself to slow down and breathe.  I know this because there were cars way up in front of me…and there were cars way back behind me.  But there were no cars around me for a few minutes.  If I had put on my brakes and stopped with cars around, they definitely would’ve hit me.  You know, I would have rather been rear-ended than hit that dog.

As right as rain, I received a sign — the universe demanded me to pause, reflect, and breathe.  I definitely slowed down at that moment…and am continuing to slow down to this day.  

I can still see that dog clearly.  He was trying to save me from myself.  He was truly a harbinger of truth.  It was truly a sign.  Lesson learned learning.


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♡ Stop, sit, reflect

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The moment when something major is accomplished, we are so relieved to finally be done with it that we are already rushing, at least mentally, into The Future.   

Wisdom, however, requests a pause.  If we cannot give ourselves a pause, the Universe will likely give it to us.  In the form of an illness, a massive Mercury in retrograde, our car breaking down.  

And we find ourselves required to stop, to sit down, to reflect.

Alice Walker in We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For

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