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♫ Gramatik | so much for love

(credit) soundcloud | Gramatik

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Let me just reiterate once again that I do not propose to know anything about music. AT. ALL. Yet for some reason in the summer I’m all over it. Perhaps because the days are longer. All the sunshine. Everyone feels so good. Music moves the body.

The body is more exposed in the summertime with all the tanks and minis and shorts and sundresses, sandals, and strapless bits and pieces. Then when said body is writhing to beats, basking in sunlight, smiles all around…well, now that’s summer.

‘kay, so normally I only listen to music when I run, whatever the season. Unfortunately, I tore two ligaments of my left ankle/foot area, so I’m basically not listening to music for running right now. *sigh*

But, but, but I am happy to make my little running playlist (“Summer Jam Compilation” – as bouncy a title I’m going to produce) for my future runs, once I’m all healed. Forward thinking and all that. Woohoo.

And I’m including this song “So Much For Love” by Gramatik (listen above), because I luuuuurve the beats, although I suppose it sounds more like something you’d hear in the background of a lounge as the bartender mixes some cocktail featuring muddled this, vermouth that, infused this, and aromatic bitters. Right?


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♫ Toddla T | take it back


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I love, love, love running to this song. It really gets you up and running (ha!), although sometimes I head-bop a little too much to it, which probably is effing up my body. Can’t help it, the song’s that good. The song reminds me of something, as though it brings me back to my younger days in that ol’ ’90s R&B/soul phase of mine. In any case, enjoy running to this!

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(credit) chaseandstatustv

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I love, love, love Liam Bailey (refresher here)….and really dig this track he’s featured in. It’s a great song for running, I’m saying. And for dancing around in the morning getting ready for the day.

Liam’s acoustic version HERE is lovely (good for the cool down part of the run), but, come now, I’m a big fan of dancing around in the morning, getting my groove on, whilst getting ready for the rest of the day. Damn straight.

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(credit) just a mix understanding | Messicakes @ etsy



N.E.R.D’s Hypnotize You is on my running playlist — oh yes. It almost sounds a bit like Prince. It has a very pulse your chest kinda beat — the part where it goes, “Touch a girl, touch a girl, touch a girl….ahhhhh.” I like that it’s a little bit dark, a little bit alluring, and hot. Oh, randomly I secretly adore that Pharrell Williams wears preppy polo shirts.

*[Listen HERE]*

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Right now I love, love, love this song. Liam Bailey sounds soulful, a bit like Otis Redding. How ridiculous is he on the guitar? Yum.

* Listen HERE to Liam Bailey’s song “You Better Leave Me”

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(credit) poster | Vintage Fine Art @ etsy

I have to say that the Stanley Cup playoffs keep the people in my city in a perpetually happy mood — everyone’s smiling! A decidedly good thing. In honour of the only Canadian team left in the playoffs, here’s “On To The Next One” by Jay-Z  (listen HERE). Press repeat.

It’s à propos, no? They’re definitely “on to the next one,” playing the next team in the Western Conference finals. Now hopefully, the team will keep it up to the end with these lyrics in mind (keep everyone smiling, boys!) :

I move forward / the only direction / can’t be scared to fail / search and perfection…

As for me, this is my favorite song on Jay Z’s Blueprint 3. You can’t help but bounce around and dance to this beat. A great motivator on a playlist for running.

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(credit) Jigsaw Puzzle | Bella Puzzles @ etsy


When I was living in Tokyo, the first concert I attended in my new city was at Yokohama Stadium (huge!) for Radiohead. It was packed to the seams. Then the concert began…and my people were silent. At first I was perplexed…but then it made sense in the Japanese context. My people were politely staying quiet so that the band could perform and the whole audience could listen. Um…I’m not saying it wasn’t a tad odd. After each set, there was no screaming or yelling or hooting and hollering. It was silent. Silent! It wasn’t until the very end…the whatsit — encore — that my people started to show their appreciation. Just a memory…


Radiohead is not exactly good for a running playlist. I had forgotten that I had placed Karma Police on my playlist until the other day when I heard it while running along the water. It’s so good, I’d almost forgotten, especially the part near the end when the lyrics lament how “I lost myself.” But the better song to run along to is Jigsaw Falling Into Place (listen HERE)…it has such a good beat even though I have no idea what he’s saying!

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