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At first, they seemed all hippie-dippy. A bit tacky like lava-lamps. But then I learned about its energy properties and now I totally get why wellness-lovers covet this candle lamp.

Now I have one myself and have come to appreciate its raw beauty and iridescent warm glow. I prefer the raw jagged ones, like the ones pictured above. And I also prefer the tealight candle design over the bulb design. Just saying.

After all, I did profess my love for sole or Himalayan rock salt brine — still do (refresher HERE).


Himalayan rock salt is harvested deep within the Himalayan Mountains, where its collected from the remains of the Primal Sea — an area that some scientists believe is where life originated (whoa). The salt is over 250 million years old, people. For reals. The salt here contains 84 natural minerals and elements that optimize health and heal the body and environment.

This salt is chipped away by hand, then artisans sculpt them into shapes. This is why no two Himalayan salt lamps are the same. They are also unique because each one has its own pattern of veins and striations. I prefer the rounded yet raw shape, while others may like the ones shaped into spheres, pyramids, cubes, and bowls.

The colours are gorgeous too: hues of pink, peach, orange, white, or red. I adore the peachy-pink ones.


Here is the part where you may think this is all hooey, but I assure you that it makes sense if you remember highschool chemistry. So do you remember that the air is filled with negative and positive ions (electrical charges)? Well, we’ll start from there.

So when a lit tealight candle warms up the Himalayan salt lamp vessel from within, the salt will start to emit negative ions (an electrical charge). How? The heat from the candle attracts moisture from the salt. The moisture evaporates and emits the negative ions into the air. Cool, huh?

Don’t worry, although all you may see is the word ‘negative,’ rest assured that negative ions are a good thing. In our daily lives, we are surrounded by electronic devices (especially laptops, cell phones, TV, computers, tablets, electric fans, etc) and they produce way too many positive ions. Not good. A healthy atmosphere occurs only when negative and positive ions are balanced. When the balance is tilted, you’ll find your stress levels high, even at home where you just want to relax.


Himalayan salt lamps produce negative ions naturally — which neutralize and balance out these negative ions to restore and purify the air, your attitude and your energy level. You can’t even see them but they are abundant in nature (re: salt=nature). A great big whack of negative ions are produced naturally by waterfalls, thunderstorms, oceans, beaches, and mountains, which is why you feel so calm and refreshed after a visit to these places. And the air feels and smells so clean and fresh. Ooooh yeah, right?

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