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Yes, I listen to French music (refresher HERE). It’s rather weird since it’s not a language that I’m strong at. I would say that I can read it better than I can either speak or understand it. Such a gorgeous language, no? I mean, I studied French from Grade 4 until Grade 12 (9 years!) — but ever since I was 18 I haven’t touched it, except the times that I’ve visited Québec and the time I worked on a project in Normandy, France.

So, yes, I’ve listened to French music since I was in highschool when my French was actually quite good. While I prefer French rap, what I really like is the desperately sad French music that’s out there. It’s so f*cking good. Despair sounds so much more devastating and emotional in French than English. God, yes. So, so good if you’re going through heartache. 


One of my all-time favourites is Formidable” by Stromae — the french word not the English word. Stromae was recently in my city for a concert but I missed it. Oh, despair! 

So although the title is “wonderful” or “terrific,” it’s actually an emotional song about a break-up — he’s basically a guy who’s broken up with his girl and he’s wasted drunk and lamenting the end of the relationship. In this song, the beats are amazing. The piano bits? So good.

The lyrics make you wince — he’s so pathetic in his heartache. You know that feeling? When you’ve broken up with someone and you’re angry and bitter and ranting about stupid things. Well, that’s this song.


The French in this song is a bit different — maybe slang or a dialect, I can’t tell, but there’s parts where the French doesn’t sound familiar to me (but maybe that’s because I learned Québécois French). And he pronounces the ‘t‘ sound as ‘ch’ sound. 

Anyways, even if you don’t know any French you can still appreciate and enjoy the music since you’ll definitely feel all the deep emotions in Stromae’s voice, the sincerity and pain, the fluidity of the language, and the beats. Such a great song. 

And if this song doesn’t move you, I don’t know what to say…maybe you have a stone heart? 

Anyways, the chorus: 

Formidable, formidable (Wonderful, wonderful)
Tu étais formidable, j’étais fort minable, (You were wonderful, I was quite pathetic)
Nous étions formidables, (We were wonderful)
Formidable, (Wonderful)
Tu étais formidable, j’étais fort minable, (You were wonderful, I was quite pathetic)
Nous étions formidables (We were wonderful)…

*Listen HERE*

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