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Finally it hit — the full force of the cold weather. We’ve had an unseasonally warm autumn so far, which has been bliss. But this week, like the snap of the fingers, it became so damn cold.

Shivering. Icy. Windy. Sweaters. Mittens. Black ice on the roads. Heat up high in the car. Hot bubble baths. Chili, Soups, Stews. And lots and lots of hot drinks — teas, coffees, ciders, cocoa. 


My preferences are plain black coffee but only at 49th Parallel or Milano Coffee (all in my hometown), otherwise Starbucks Americanos (with raspberry syrup), Cappuccinos (from any cafe), Chai Tea (with rosewater), Snow Dragon Mint Lattes (peppermint tea, vanilla syrup, steamed milk), Japanese green tea (not matcha), and very good quality jasmine tea


But my absolute favourite hot drink ever? 

It has to be the “Forever Nuts” tea latte from David’s Tea. OMG. The best. I cannot describe how utterly amazing this drink is. It’s earthy, nutty, with a touch of cinnamon. It tastes like roasted almonds and warm fireplaces and cozy blankets. 

I request it with soy milk (because they don’t have almond milk) and agave syrup as my sweetener. You order it right in the shop and they steep it for you and steam up the milk for you and put the milky foam on top. OOoohhhhOOOOh. So, so good.

It’s also caffeine-free, so more of a relaxing, comfy drink for the cold weather rather than a morning pick-me-up. 

Trust me, it’s amaaaazing. I am not doing it justice, but I’m telling you (unless you have nut-allergies) it is the most taste-buds-exploding, cashmere-sweater-of-a-drink you’ll ever have.

Go get one now! 

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